Taxi Insurance Companies on the Market

The taxi insurance companies who now operate on the market know all too well that your taxi is your livelihood. If you are without it, then you are jobless. This has always been the number one concern of this team when searching their panel of insurers for the best taxi insurance and cheapest quote to suit all clients’ needs.

The priorities of taxi insurance companies

Taxi insurance companies are aware of the fact that your priority is to be able to get your taxi straight back on the road in the unlucky event of an insurance claim. In order to keep their customers satisfied, they have many expert taxi insurance companies who will provide a plated replacement vehicle in an event of a non fault claim, and in some cases or at additional cost they can provide a plated replacement vehicle in event of a fault claim.

Possibilities from taxi insurance companies

Taxi insurance companies provide a number of possibilities, among these also being the cheapest taxi insurance.

  • taxi insurance,
  • black cab insurance,
  • fleet taxi insurance,
  • private hire taxi insurance,
  • public hire insurance
  • multiple drivers insurance,
  • big cities taxi insurance
  • chauffeur insurance,
  • minibus insurance.

One of the most well known is Private Hire Insurance. This is commonly known as Minicab Insurance. Another one is Public Hire Insurance. People can pick up these taxis in the street and they will always have a taxi light on the roof of the vehicle. Black cabs are public hire.

It is actually up to your licensing authority as to which vehicle they will accept to plate.
Taxi insurance companies have specialist schemes available for taxi drivers with no taxi no claim bonus. In case you have no claim bonus on a private car they will bear this in mind and apply a discount enabling them to offer you a competitive quotation.

Taxi insurance companies also have very much discounted schemes available for taxi drivers who have been driving a rental taxi or on somebody else’s policy and can prove this. If you want more information on the matter, please refer to one of the taxi insurance companies available on our website.

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