Reliable Taxi Insurance

Taxi insurance is the essential condition if you are in the taxi business, as such a business is based not only on the owner’s liability but also on the passengers’ and other road users’ as well. Irrespective of your situation, that is, if the taxi is used for private or public hire, is owner operated or part of a fleet, and insurance is a condition without which you cannot take on passengers.

What is taxi insurance?

Taxi insurance costs much more than private car insurance because it also compensates for the injuries the passengers might get in an accident and protects the taxi owner from liability if the accident is not caused as a consequence of his or her fault. Besides, a taxi is on the road for a longer period than a privately owned car.

When you file for taxi insurance, make sure the company provides the following:
• Flexible payment options
• Open 7 days a week
• Legal expenses cover
• Immediate cover
• Excellent claims service
• Excellent customer service
Cash cover is available for public and private hire cabs, for breakdown, windscreen damage and loss due to accidents. Replacement cab facilities are also possible in case your taxi is not in good condition after an accident and it can no longer function. The taxi insurance company is liable to pay for your legal expenses if you are taken to the court of law by the passengers or other road users.

Insurance companies also frequently offer clients bonus earning schemes.

The taxi insurance service system in the UK can make your mind spin, but the taxi insurance system is far more complex. It is proven that there are about as many hire and reward insurance schemes available as there are types of taxi services in the UK. Despite all this, if you follow the steps in this purchasing guide you should find buying such a policy much easier than you thought.

More on taxi insurance

If you want to find out more on the matter or simple get a taxi insurance quote, all you have to do is get in touch with us. Do so by sending us an e-mail or by completing the contact form. Please, make sure you provide us with valid contact details. This is for our taxi insurance specialists to get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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